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Let me preface this with a long-winded apology. Your whimsical correspondent Dyslexia has, for lack of better words, had a whole deal of crap on his plate lately. I haven't been a very faithful blogger, and for that I'm sorry. Because believe it or not, I love writing these articles almost as much as you absolutely adore reading them. Oh right and after whimsical I forgot to put something in about my boyish charm. Spilt milk. Moving on.
I've gotta lot of catching up to do. Missed about 5 or 6 series, including this unforgettable one game series against the Mark Loretta's. August 18th is the make up date, so that'll be a 5 gamer. Juicy.
So, in the coming weeks.
My thoughts from around the league.
Articles on Yankee news and prospects.
Series previews and recaps.
A revival of the player of the week, top 10 Yankees, and a new idea...
In order to add to the drama of Crosstown Rivals, I've decided to put a little more oomph in to the rivals aspect. Hello smack talk. Look for periodical entries and why the Mets (and Sox to a lesser extent) suck. Schuyla doesn't know what's coming yet, but if he's smart, he'll fight back.
Also, I'm about to start Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty. It's an Olney and looks to be good. It'll be painful, but no pain no gain I guess. Look for a review on Luckiest Man as well, by Jonathan Eig. CROSSTOWN RIVALS PROMOTES ADULT LITERACY! You remember that and buy some stuff.
We've got a few coming up against Tampa, so roll preview. (also, later today look for my thoughts on the Idiot's Return, how freakishly good Jason Giambi is, Zach Duke, and other random thoughts.)

New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Game 1: Wednesday, 7:15
Starters: Jaret Wright (0-2, 7.20) vs. Casey Fossum (1-1, 6.11)
Edge: Fossum. Jaret is just so unbelievably useless, I can't really find the right words to describe it. Guy has a bad year, okay. If he can't rehab over the winter, he's offically a bum. If he doesn't have a strong outing here, which I doubt he will, I am officially on the Aaron Small bandwagon. And it's not even like Fossum's any good. To quote Russell Crowe in that ship movie. 'When one must choose, choose the less of two weevils.' Look for an ugly game both pitching and defense wise. High scoring, no fun to watch.

Game 2: Thursday 7:15
Starters: Randy Johnson (4-2, 4.71) vs. Doug Waechter (0-1, 5.95)
Edge: Johnson. He's good. Not as good as he used to be, and Moose should be our ace, but he's good. Just to let you know, he's on pace for 25 this year. Doug Waechter... notsomuch. Johnson has some rough history against the Rays, but whenever he starts we seem to put a lot across the plate. A dominant performance here would open a lot of eyes if he starts 5-2. Doug Waechter... notsomuch. Not to knock him or anything. Just you know. He's Doug Waechter for chrissakes. (patent pending)

Game 3: O wait... never mind. Who came up with the idea for a 2 game series anyway?

TB Breakdown: Record: 11-16, 5th, AL East

Why is Jonny Gomes so good? It's not fair. I'd trade three Sheff's for him. Look at that beard, the way he doesn't have an h in his name. Oh, right and the 11 HR are pretty good too. However, as productive as Jonny is, you can't overlook Wigginton, Crawford, and Lugo... oh wait no 15 day DL, Baldelli... no. DL. Huff? DL. Cantu? Uh... better luck next time. The D-Rays are simply ravaged by injuries, probably moreso than any other team in the league. Lugo, Cantu, Huff and Baldelli are arguably 4 of their 6 best players. And now... the baseball gods are kicking them while they're down by giving them to the Yankees to toy with. Cruel. I know it's bold considering this is my 1st post in a while, but if we don't take both of these games, that is a serious foreshadowing that this team is not good enough to make a run in the playoffs, AND beat the bad teams they have to beat to even get there. They've got their 4 and 5 pitchers going up against us, and we need Jaret to keep improving and the Unit to lock em down. I never thought I'd say this about a 2 game series with the Rays in early May, but it's gut check time. Let's moider da bums. But from a less objective standpoint, the D-Rays are a little annoying. Some decent pitching from Kaz and Hendrickson have led them this far, as well as all those dingers Jonny seems to be hitting these days. Travis Lee has been absolutely dreadful. It's an embarrassment to baseball to watch him at the plate. He may have 4 HR's but he's... how you say... below the Mendoza line. Doy. The seemingly exciting aquisition of Sean Borroughs has fizzled. He may have all the talent in the world (except for a little for Jeff Nelson) but it just doesn't translate into consistent play on the field. Good move by the Pads movin him. Lesseee here, you put that altogether and you have an infield of Lee, Nick Green, Tomas(?) Perez, and Wigginton. In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, Something's Gotta Give. Either they'll be the worst infield in the league until Cantu and Lugo come back (likely), or these unlikely quadruplets will form a bond that no amount of adversity can break. (starring Kurt Russell as Joe Maddon). You be the judge. In spite of all this, they always seem to take 2 of 3 of us at critical junctions, no matter how bad they are. We all know how good Gomes is, and from what I've heard from my resident Met fan, we all know how good Wigginton is too. Uh... I feel like I have to wash myself. Look for a close high scoring opener and a defiant drubbing in the closer. Let's get some predictions on the horn.

Jaret Wright will not give up more than five runs. But he won't go more than 5 innings either.
Derek Jeter will be very, very good.
Jonny Gomes will not a HR this series, but he will have 3 plus RBI's.
Carl Crawford will be ineffective.
Toby Hall will not.
Johnny Damon will be very, very loud this series, now that he's out of the shadow of the Monster.
The Unit will get roughed around, but it will not matter, because A-Rod will have more than 3 RBI's in the game he starts.
Tampa Bay's bullpen will look good to start but by the 8th will crack.
We will sweep. (I hope.)

Players to Watch For:
Jonny Gomes (duh): Heeeeeeereeeeessssss Jonny! Can't wait for the 1st time Berman says that. Or has he said it already? 0= Great but not eyecatching series for Sir Gomes.
Alex Rodriguez: Look for him to break out of his so called slump with a very strong closing game.

Player of the Series:
Derek Jeter
It seems like it's been a while since DJ did anything spectacular, but he's still a great player nonetheless. He'll show dams SI what's what. Schuyla comes to me w/ the news that DJ has been voted most overrated player in the league? Excuse my language, please, but that's a fucking travesty. Show em what you can do DJ, show em what you can do. A few pesky at-bats, a few opposite field HR's, and a few great defensive plays later, you'll be the player of the series. Don't forget him pinstripe faithful, he's still wearing the C.

20 Things I learned about the Yanks in April.
Thoughts on Giambi, Damon, and this youngfella over in PIT who I kinda like. ANd maybe if you're lucky, a review of Luckiest Man by Jonathan Eig.

Let's crack some skulls, fellas.

Aixelsyd (I crack myself up)

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